New Collaboration with Hybrid Racing Simulations & SIMUCUBE

We’re very excited to announce a collaboration with Motum Simulation and Hybrid Racing Simulations, the Australian and New Zealand distributor of SIMUCUBE. ????

Motum will be working with HRS on a number projects across Motorsport, Sim Racing, Defence and more. The fruits of the collaboration will be first realised with the integration of Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive Steering systems into our simulators at our showroom and Driver Training facility in Melbourne.

We are honoured to work with Brett and the team at HRS, who are completely world-class in their workmanship. Together we have developed our own Motum GT/V8 Steering Wheel that will be running along with our Simucube 2 Pros in Melbourne.

If you haven’t yet driven a Direct Drive system, or the latest Simucube 2 systems that have been receiving tremendous accolades worldwide, be sure to come in and have a steer! If you would like to buy a Simucube 2 system, we will have very limited stock from HRS.

6DOF True Motion & Direct Drive Steering is coming, and you yourself will be able to try the latest in technology right here in Melbourne.

We also have another VERY big announcement of work we have been undertaking within Australian motorsport in recent weeks, and will continue to evolve over the coming years. Stay tuned!