Red Bull Ramps up Activations with Motum

Motum Simulation have once again proven to be a standout draw card at corporate events and trade shows, with energy drink giant Red Bull using the units to attract thousands of keen customers.

The Motum team has partnered with Red Bull to provide a unique marketing opportunity at numerous events and exhibitions.

Motum Sales and Marketing Manager Simon Feigl says the simulators have been a great way to attract people to activation areas.

“When it comes to going to an event or an expo, having something new or exciting that people haven’t seen so that they can engage the brand is really important,” Mr Feigl said.

“Experiential marketing is how we are positioning it, which is right in Red Bull’s wheelhouse. And to be aligned with such a major brand is a huge bonus for us, it gives us credibility and reach.”

The relationship has provided Red Bull with a way to stand out from the crowd, with the simulators being a major point of difference to draw in new customers and clients.

“We’re there to basically entertain the patrons that come through at these shows, so that they can engage with the brand in a Red Bull kind of way.”

“The more people who jump in the sim and spend time in the Red Bull branded areas, the better.”

“Anybody who saw it and used it came off and said, this is pretty amazing, and that’s then a feeling that people can associate with Red Bull going forward.”

For one unique activation, Red Bull took the simulators to the Glencore mine at Hail Creek, near Mackay in Northern Queensland.

“Red Bull really wanted to try to bring something new to the site, and the people there absolutely loved it,” Mr Feigl said.

“We were there for three days of activation and the feedback from Glencore and Red Bull was all incredibly positive.”

Mr Feigl added that the simulators which have worked so well for Red Bull can also be used as a point of difference for many other brands, too.

“It gets clients into an experience that they’ll never get a chance to have any other way,” he said.

“It’s about really fostering relationships in different segments.”

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