TrueMotion™ Leads the Way

For Motum Managing Director Steve Hoinville, perfecting the science of motion simulation is the product of a lifetime of motorsport passion.

“We give our customers an extraordinary level of immersion, and it is as close to reality you can get,” Mr Hoinville said.

It’s that vision, and a determination to make it accessible, which has prompted some of the most unique engineering feats in the motion simulator industry.

It’s Motum’s patented TrueMotion™ 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) technology which sets the simulator apart.

Other simulators in the market claim to have ‘Full Motion’ only have two or three degrees of freedom, but Motum’s TrueMotion™ moves on all six possible axes, in every possible direction.

“It’s about providing the subtle changes in a vehicle’s performance. You’re not always feeling 4G forces, but it’s the changes in the motion cues that are important,” Mr Hoinville said.

“Whenever the car changes from one condition to the other – from braking to turning, from oversteer to understeer – the simulator responds.”

Motum’s proprietary MotSim™ motion control software enables synchronisation between 35 sensory inputs and 24 movement cues.

Mr Hoinville says that technology makes the unit incredibly responsive, and used the example of approaching the first corner of the Phillip Island race track at high speed.

“In reality, the car is turning to the right, rolling to the left, and there is a lateral acceleration as well to the outside of the corner,” he said.

“In most other simulators, you’re going to be missing one of those critical elements because there is less range. But in a Motum simulator, you’re feeling every nuance of the car.”

The system is already in use in many areas, including the Walkinshaw Andretti United Virgin Australia Supercars Championship racing team, the Australian Defence Force and are used in conjunction with Motorsport Australia activities, the governing body of motorsport in Australia, and a member of the FIA.

One reason why that broad range of use is possible is because the system is software agnostic and fully configurable to suit user specifications.

The virtual reality headsets and multi-output surround sound also add to the engaging experience.

“What sets us apart is that we give a premium motion experience in a form that delivers the ultimate in immersion,” Mr Hoinville said.

“We want to get drivers as close to reality as possible, and that underpins that is the motion system we have.”

While there are some other high-range-of-motion simulators in the market, Motum’s engineering ingenuity means this simulator comes in at a fraction of the cost.

“If you put Daniel Ricciardo into a Formula 1 simulator, it’s going to cost $25 million per year and then $5 million a year to run,” Mr Hoinville said.

“Our simulators provide a very similar experience to those in Formula 1 garages, but the investment required for our system makes it more achievable for everyone from race teams to driver training schools, defence departments to private racing enthusiasts.”

To experience the full immersive action of a Motum simulator for yourself, you can book an experience online at www.motumsimulation/bookings or contact for more information.