Motum Chassis – The Ultimate Home Racer’s Rig

Motum is proud to release the Motum Chassis, the most robust and refined simulator chassis on the market.

With the explosion of home sim racing, the ‘Motum Chassis’ provides basis for the ultimate home racer’s rig and is motion-ready, meaning it is compatible with a Motum 6DOF Motion base for addition later on.

“It is a perfect entry point for someone who wants a robust and refined simulator, but may not yet be ready for a full motion rig,” Motum Managing Director Steve Hoinville said.

The Chassis comes standard with Motum’s ‘exoskeleton’ high-tensile aluminium space frame cockpit, TIG welded high-rigidity chassis, adjustable pedal box, adjustable steering box for height and reach, factory remote support to assist set-up and a 12-month warranty.

The Chassis is also highly-customisable, with a range of components to choose from including steering base and wheel, pedals, gear shifter, VR or screen displays, Sound and PC options. 

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