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MOTUM delivers 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) as a complete motion profile, excelling in peak and sustained G-forces in a fully-immersive Virtual Reality or wrap-around screen environment to provide the most realistic and intuitive aviation and military simulation experience available.

MotSim, Motum’s proprietary telemetry data synchronisation software, is integrated with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and X Plane to provide motion support, aiding the training process, and significantly reducing the costs associated with a helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft training. for flight schools, commercial and private pilots.

In collaboration with Bohemia Interactive and their Virtual Battlespace (VBS3) simulation, MOTUM has deployed simulators for the defence industry in Australia (with the Australian Defence Force) Bushmaster Personnel Carriers and tanks and the Middle East, providing a risk-free, highly repeatable and efficient platform for training.

Bespoke cockpits and payloads can be engineered and developed for each application or to meet custom requirements across helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft and a range of military vehicles and installations.


Degrees of Freedom 6DOF (Vertical, Lateral, Longitudinal, Roll, Pitch, Yaw)
Pitch/Roll +/- 30 Degrees
Yaw +/- 45 Degrees
Max Rotational Velocity 55 deg / sec
Linear Displacement 400mm Lateral & Longitudinal. 350mm Vertical
Max Linear Velocity 600mm/s
Recommended Max Payload 300kg
Power 110V/240V 10Amp (domestic power supply)
Simulation Compatibility Military: Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3), TITAN

Flight: Microsoft Flight Simulator X, X-Plane 11

Portability Extendable Feet, Caster Wheels, Forklift Tongs
Cockpit / Payload Customisable high-tensile aluminium space frame cockpit,

TIG welded, high-rigidity stainless steel



PRICE ON APPLICATION.  Contact for more information.