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MOTUM World Software


MOTUM World A bespoke and tailorable synthetic environment designed specifically for driver education and training, for developing essential skills and behaviours necessary for safe driving.

MOTUM World features a library of AI-controlled vehicles, environment assets, physics models and our in-house results analysis and analytics software, MotDAS.

Fully configurable and tailored to your specific industry training requirements, MOTUM World can be developed precisely to align with your environments, vehicles, and scenarios, with results reporting & export directly to external storage.

Versions currently in service include releases for the Learner Driver, Emergency Services, Port Services and Mining industries.


MOTUM World contains a variety of driver training environments including CBD and suburban roads, as well as freeways and major and minor country road types.

MOTUM World also features Port environments for training of stevedores and other port services.

Bespoke environments can be created and tailored for virtually any road and terrain surfaces
required for driver training.


Specific training scenarios and events can be created to align seamlessly with your training programs and real world events.

MOTUM World is integrated with both VR technology and screens, facilitating a fully immersive experience for the student and comprehensive evaluation by the instructor of driver training. Metrics recorded and displayed include speed judgement, throttle control, steering precision, braking technique, proximity to other cars and road rule infringements.

Instructors can also tailor the training scenario, testing responsiveness, awareness and defensive skills under different conditions.


A comprehensive range of vehicle and surrounding assets exists within MOTUM World with the ability to develop virtually any bespoke asset type including the driven vehicle, AI vehicles and surrounding buildings, structures and landscapes.